April 25, 2007

Episode XXIII: More Than a Game


In February 2007 I have joined the football team based in Kaohsiung. All of the players are foreigners and I am the first Pole to play with them. Some of those guys lived in Taiwan for over ten years. Name of the club is 100 Pacers and I am proud to be their friend.
In primary school in Poland I used to play basketball all the time. I was representing my school in some games and even scored few important points. I was obsessed with NBA basketball at that time, which was and still is the best in the world. I was a stats nerd and a fan of teams from New York and Orlando.

I had a football in my wardrobe when I was a kid but not many chances to kick it. There was no place around my house to play it. Only thing I used to do was running around the room with it during some exciting games shown on a TV. Probably World Cup 1994 was my first real football experience, which launched my passion for the discipline.

In secondary school I seriously started my interest in it. My father and grandfather were fans since I remember and it helped me a lot to learn about the game. Dad used to describe legendary players to me and great games he have seen in the past. That worked for my imagination and gave a good background to become a true fan of football.
I loved to watch, read and talk about it but hardly ever play. Than when I went to a university at one point I started to play with my friends. Outdoors during the spring. During autumn and winter indoors. There was where I picked up basic football skills. I have never reached a dream level but there was not the most important factor.
I did not expect to find a football team here in Kaohsiung that I could join. It came out all of a sudden. Accidentally I met one of the Pacers in a pub and I was told about the chance to have a game so I immediately agreed and that is how easy it was.

During the fourth weekend of March 2007, football tournament took its place in city of Taichung. Sixteen expatriate teams from all over Taiwan participated in it. One was formed from African players, another from Japanese. Truly an international company.
Weather was great, atmosphere and venue as well. Humors were positive but unfortunately we did not manage to win any trophy. That is the unpredictable nature and beauty of sport. You can never tell what is going to be a final result.Time spent with my friends from 100 Pacers is always top class. It is not only about football. It is something more and that is why it is so valuable to me. Hail Pacers!


Anonymous said...

Nazywam sie Agnieszka Grzywacz i jestem z Krakowa.Sorki ze zagaduje ale zastanawiem sie nad wyjazdem do Kaohsiung w ramach wymiany studenckiej z mojej uczelni. Bardzo chcialabym sie dowiedziec cos o tym jak wyglada zycie w tym miescie. Oczywiscie czytalam twojego bloga i z tego co piszesz wyglada to calkiem interesujaco. Milo by bylo miec jakis kontakt z rodakiem hehe. Jazeli masz czas odezwij sie na maila pls:) nicola38@wp.pl

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