April 20, 2007

Episode XXII: Ride the Country


I'm a very lucky person to have lots of good friends here in Kaohsiung. Sometimes I feel like I have not enough time to go out with them and do things together because of my duties at work and also because of a number of friends. If I want to spend time with all of them regularly I would have to take some days off, which is very unlikely to happen.
Third weekend of March brought me a great opportunity to have a wonderful time outside of Kaohsiung city. Friend from South Africa whom I usually play football with took me for a cycling trip. Previously I only rode the bike once here in Cijin Island but the crowd of people wandering around spoilt the pleasure a bit.

This time we went to the country side. First got to Pintung city and from there we started our cycling towards the mountains. Whole tour was a little more than 50 kilometers, which is not that small for a person that does not practice quite often. Thanks to my mate Guy, anytime I needed a break we stop. That does not change the fact that after returning to Pintung I was totally pumped out of energy.
Fantastic thing about going to the country side is that you can see the fields where pineapples and papayas grow. For somebody coming from Poland, a relatively cold place, that is an unusual view to see those exotic fruits in their natural environment. Another good thing is you can enjoy fresh pineapple bought straight from the local farmers, which is an excellent addition to the whole scenario.
Flashing green rice fields supply relaxing landscapes. Orchard of palm trees makes the route look interesting and inviting.

Air is definitely better than in highly urbanized areas. Not as many scooters or cars as in Kaohsiung but still there are some. Those 23 million of people must live somewhere. Finding really empty place is almost impossible in this part of the world.
Cycling brings me joy so it does to my friend Guy. According to this there is a big chance soon we will organize a further trip with an overnight stay maybe somewhere in area of Maolin. That would be a memorable event. Hope fully we will make it in the nearest future!

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