April 09, 2007

Episode XX: So Long


When I have arrived to Kaohsiung in August 2006 I obviously was not thinking about the moment of my departure because it was just the beginning of a great adventure. It was too distant and actually without much sense to do so. I am still around and not going anywhere for a few next months but one of my close friends already left and that is the reason I would like to talk about her today. Let it be some kind of a way to say good bye.
Her name is Satoko and she comes from Japan, region of Nagoya city. She came over to Taiwan at the same time as our friend Chiara from Italy and me. A bit later more people joined us. We have spent half year together working on a few projects in Kaohsiung. Also exploring the city, its secrets, surprises, streets, people and atmosphere. We went outside of the Kaohsiung, which was the happiest time for all of us.

Visiting Kenting beach and the park, Fo Guang Shan monastery, Cijin Island or Hong Kong city together was extraordinary and brought lots of great experiences, emotions and smiles. Although Satoko is back to Japan within the first week of March 2007, the rest of us are still here in Kaohsiung. It is not the same without her but we keep on working and save all the wonderful memories in our minds.

Satoko is a kind of a person that you simply cannot dislike. She is the last one to make any harm to the others. Her friendly and bright face was always offering a smile. She represents an example of a positive personality. Humble, warm-hearted, open-minded and smart. Surely it is a great loss to our team that she cannot be with us anymore.

Japanese people are well-known for being reserved. I think that was the issue with Satoko at first but actually only for a very short period. Soon under an influence of a group of our international friends she became more western, whether it is good or bad.

Satoko has got deep emotional nature that corresponds with her inner beauty and uncommon sensitivity. Spending time with her I found relaxing and quite often illuminating. Also chatting with her on various topics is always interesting. Satoko is a particularly intelligent person that does not like to show off with it. It is a sign of a real modesty. An authentic example to follow.

It is very sure that all of us will miss her a lot but what we have done together will stay in our hearts and will not be forgotten. Most important thing is to stay optimistic and keep the fingers crossed for our future reunion.

Here in Kaohsiung Satoko used to be everybody's favourite. I have never met anybody that would not like her. That is not a coincidence. This is a true her.

After she left Satoko told me that it is fantastic that people coming from totally different places of the world can understand each other and be good friends. Like we all did in Taiwan! Thank you Satoko! So Long!

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