March 18, 2007

Episode XIX: Break the Water


A Chinese New Year vacation is a perfect time to do the things we usually don't have time for. In my example it is visiting the city during the daytime. I like to take photos so that's the reason why I prefer the bright aura.

This time I decided to explore Yancheng district a bit more than I did before. It's a southwest part of the Kaohsiung city. There's a viewing deck just at the harbour, from where I was observing huge ships when they enter the port - my favourite scene.
Everybody knows that during Chinese New Year people feel like going somewhere. Most of the nature spots and places of tourist interest are quite packed than. That doesn't help sightseeing but at least I can watch the people, which became my hobby here. Simply watching how they act, how they approach each other, how they gesticulate or speak.

I came to Yancheng district by Cisan Road, which at that moment was very crowded. Cars were hardly moving. Only scooter riders could go through the forest of obstacles. I passed the big gate and arrived to the harbour. Streets of Kaohsiung were busy and also port's restrain was intensive.
What I like about the Fisherman's Wharf area is that from most of the places there I can take a photo and 85-storey building will fit in my lens. A bit silly but makes me happy.

Going Gushan Road to its end I arrived to another fine spot. A little further west from Cisan Road there's a yacht pier. Not very big but considering that sailing isn't popular here, there was enough boats. The best thing about that location is that's a wonderful point for observing ferries going to Cijin and back. Big white double-deck ferry and few smaller green and blue ones. It's a joy to see those crafts while they make their moves to overtake each other within a limited space.

Then I carried in direction of Sun Yatsen University. On the right-hand-side there is a Former British Council of Takao - superb position for capturing some splendid shots of a harbour. It is placed pretty high, which gives a desired perspective. In a view there are two long-drawn breakwaters that look like embracing the ships coming in. Like two warm arms inviting the sailors to have a rest in Kaohsiung city.

I also went for a walk on ridge of a breakwater. Although I suppose it is banned many people fancy doing it. Most of them are fisherman who I admire because of their patience and balanced moves. Their fishing-rods are placed to the ground with metal holders. That looks like the rods are floating in the air.

I could hear the hum of the sea, waves knocking on the breakwater sides and water drops flying around. Frankly speaking it was a very pleasant feeling.

I recommend you to visit that spot if you are a bit tired with traffic, noise and hurry of the city centre. At least for one hour or so you can avoid that. That reason is good enough.

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