May 15, 2007

Episode XXIV: The Cabbage and the Palace


First week of April brings an important holiday to a Taiwanese society and its culture – Tomb Sweeping Festival. I could compare it to a Polish event that happens in November. People go to the cemeteries to visit the tombs of their family members. Lots of candles are lighted up. People prey and gather to spend an evening together.

Since Tomb Sweeping Day of 2007 was a Thursday, most of the people got the Friday off. It meant four days in a row that could be used for a travel. I made my mind quite quick. I decided to go to Taipei. I have been there before but for a very short moment. Without having a chance to see anything. This time it was supposed to be a different story.
I have stayed in the capital of Taiwan for three nights and I have an impression that I have seen a lot and felt the atmosphere of the city.

MRT system is such a wonderful invention that I cannot wait until it will be completed in Kaohsiung. It will definitely give a huge impact to the city’s development. It will take it to a next level.

Taipei as every cosmopolitan capital city has got a load of venues to visit. There are many tourist attractions and places of a cultural and historical interest.

In my opinion no visitor to Taipei should miss a National Palace Museum. It is said to be the biggest collection of Chinese artifacts and artwork in the world. Only some part of it is exhibited because of the lack of space I suspect. Splendid, magnificent and fascinating. In those words I express my admiration to what I have seen.
When visiting a museum in Europe I mainly expect to see paintings. In Taipei I have not seen many of them. The most famous and desired item to be displayed is something I would never believe. Not even an item of a great size.

It is something as common as a vegetable. But a vegetable one of a kind because made from an unusual piece of white-and-green jade. It is simply a cabbage. A small carving in a shape of a cabbage. It could sound a bit disappointing but after seeing its beauty I have valued it very high.

Architecture of that museum is fantastic. It is truly a palace of an art. A cabbage makes it even more mysterious and curious. For sure I will come back to see it again in the future.
Although I had a really good time in Taipei, on my way back to Kaohsiung I felt like returning home. That half of year here produced a strong emotional bond between the city and me. It is good to be here. I do not want to think about leaving but I keep my head up.

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