May 23, 2007

Episode XXV: Climbing the Roof


There is only one structure of the Kaohsiung city that is visible from a far distance. It is a symbol of the city and its pride I am sure. An 85-floor sky tower located in the downtown, the neighbourhood of the harbour. A building, which has got a shape of a Chinese character that means nothing else but high. No wonder why. It is 378 meters tall.

Kaohsiung's tower used to the Taiwan’s tallest between 1997 and 2003. It remains very impressive but few years ago a true rival appeared. It has got 101 floors and that is why it is called Taipei 101.

Taipei 101 is the first building to break the half-kilometer mark in height. Its 508 meters give it the title of the tallest in the world. It had left behind the giants such as Sears Tower in Chicago and Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

Located in the eastern part of Taipei city the tower overlooks and absolutely dominates the environment. In Hong Kong for an instance there are many great structures. In Taipei there is only one that cannot be missed out.

In the neighbourhood of the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall and surrounded by numerous shopping malls and entertainment centre, Taipei 101 is one of the biggest attractions to a visitor who dropped in to the capital of Taiwan.

Taipei 101's design is unique thanks to a bamboo stalk's pattern. The tower looks very slim and soaring. It does not weight down with its figure. Actually it gives an impression of being quite light and slick. It does not look that heavy. It is just a pure height.

I have to admit that I am afraid a heights a bit. I really wanted to climb 101's observatory when I went to Taipei in a first week of April but it was a thrilling experience after all. It is so tall that almost unbelievable.

When I arrived to Taipei the weather was not good enough to have a clear view from up there. Clouds were covering tower's top floors. I was disappointed because I truly counted I will have a chance to see something. I had to wait until Saturday night when the visibility became satisfactory. Then I came back.

I have entered the fastest elevator in the world that moves with the speed of 60 km/h. That was something unreal. After reaching the destination I have realized that it is simply too high for me. I enjoyed taking a look but with some kind of natural and inexpressible pleasure I went down to put my foot on the ground again. Nevertheless I was happy to fulfill my goal.

Probably Taipei 101 will not remain the tallest of all for long. There are some challenging structures to be completed soon. One of them is a tower being built in Dubai in United Arab Emirates. According to the plan, it is going to be 800 meters tall. As a matter of fact it is already in cosmos. Or even somewhere beyond.


Leszek said...

I accidatly found you on the web. This is very interesting. You are also from Poland.
Currently I am in Taipei as well.
Chetnie chcialbyma sie zapytac co to za grupa sportowa.
Jestem tutaj od czasu do czasu w sprawach firmowych ale chetnie nawiazalbym kontakt. Odezwij sie na


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