December 13, 2006

Episode VII: Yesterday and Tomorrow


Somewhere last week I went to capital city of Taiwan. As the name says it is in the north of the country. Airplane flight takes approximately 40 minutes to take off from Kaohsiung and hit the Taipei airport. It’s about the same time I used to spend on the bus, on my way to city center, from Tsoying District. Time and space is really flying up there.
First impression of Taipei was pretty disappointing because of the rain. I couldn’t visit much, so stayed at friend’s family, drinking oo-long tea and eating muffins. On the other hand, there was not enough time to go anywhere.

Than we went to the hotel where representatives of my home-country Poland, were celebrating national day of independence. We joined the party. One lady treated us with great piano piece of the most famous Polish composer Frederik Shopen. Audience was delighted.
I found speaking Polish again, after 3 months without it, as something strange. I tried to squeeze some words from me but it sounded like I haven’t been to Poland for 10 years. I completely switched myself to English lately and it’s more natural to me at the moment. I didn’t feel very comfortable with my Polish at first. Thanks to one Polish girl I met recently. I had an opportunity to practice a bit.

Straight from the hotel we moved to the airport again to catch our flight. Never before I went to one place and came back on the plane during the same day. Fact I’m a little bit afraid of flying made me feel anxious. You can imagine, it was a day full of attractions to me.

After visiting Taipei I know now why Kaohsiung needs its MRT so badly. It’s much more convenient and environment friendly than cars. Instead of thousands scooters, underground will serve as a main mean of transport in the city. Hopefully it’s going to be launched in the nearest months. I keep my fingers crossed. It’s our common cause I think.
After the aim is accomplished Kaohsiung will be much easier to move through. Foreigners like me will have fewer problems with reaching some parts of the city. Future looks promising. Keep it real friends.

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