December 13, 2006

Episode VI: Going South


Pack of my international friends and me decided to go to visit the most famous and the biggest beach in southern Taiwan – Kenting.
We were aware that it is winter time now in Taiwan and temperatures are pretty uncomfortable and maybe it is not the best moment to go and enjoy a swim in the sea, but try to explain to Canadian or Polish lad, that winter is about 20 centigrade and you should wear a wooly hat and a jacket.

As I said before, Taiwanese winter is like late summer in Poland, so there’s no way to frighten me with the weather conditions in November on the Tropic of Cancer.

First thing that struck us after arriving to Kenting, was a smashing wind, whiffing like a typhoon, blowing away our helmets and silencing our scooter’s engines. Riding a scooter on your own can be dangerous if you don’t weight much. You can simply fly off. Better find a company to get your vehicle balanced.
Wind made our eyes water, our ears deaf and our legs unstable. We haven’t seen any objects flying but it was close to that. Especially when we went to the great cliff, where wind halted words in our mouths, not letting them come out. We felt like visiting another planet. The light turned orange, our sight went out of focus. This experience will remain in our minds for a long time, that’s guaranteed.

On the beach we were welcomed with a small sand storm that widely lashed our bodies and covered our belongings. Big and fresh waves brought a delighting joy when we drop into the sea. Salt water annoyed our eyes and noses with a strong savor. Struggling against heavy waves reminded me the times I have spent with my father at the Polish seaside many years ago. He always used to call me to get back to lie on the towel for a while. As a kid I was fascinated with the power of an element. My notion did not change much since those careless days.

Except the beach, Kenting offers a brilliant National Park, where visitors are attracted with many gloomy and deep caves, forest of palms and other trees and viewing tower that gives a splendid panorama of the area.
After two days spent outside of the city it was good to come back to Kaohsiung to start another exciting week. Hope you have as such motivation as I do. Cheers!

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