January 09, 2011

Episode XXXI: It's Been Over 3 Years

I should have written this in 2007 when I left city of Kaohsiung and Taiwan but I didn't so why not doing it over 3 years later. I have lived and worked in Kaohsiung for a year between Augusts of 2006 and 2007. I'm still thinking about my Taiwanese adventure almost everyday because it was unbelievable. And I would love to return one day.

I want this blog to be a good read for all the people who are thinking about visiting Taiwan but they are not sure or they don't know enough about its character. Read my blog and you definitely will gain some general information about Kaohsiung, the Taiwanese people, their cuisine, their customs, the weather etc. I hope that after reading it you will want to see Kaoshiung.


Beyond C. Lee said...

Hello, Sir.

My name is Chris, nice to meet you.

I'm trying to find some sources that contains informations about Kaohsiung.

May I register your blog and transfer it on other platforms like facebook or else like that?


Colin said...

Kaohsiung Living is the Expat Community Forum for Kaohsiung. Recently updated, new and improved.

Now updated in real-time with easy sign-up using Google, Facebook or OpenID.


James Ball said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
By random I found your blog and I have appreciated to read your story and the way you view Southern Taiwan.
Rare are the foreigners to see Taiwaneses, their culture and bright energy as you do.
Thank you for your time and testimony!
Olivier - mathieugoutte@hotmail.com