July 26, 2007

Episode XXIX: My Very Own Moments


The summer in Kaohsiung is in full. Early afternoons are extremely sunny and hot. It was great to experience it at first but at the moment I'm trying to hide in a shadow as soon as I can. There is no way I could underestimate such a blessed device as air conditioning.

Lately also the sky in Kaohsiung is clearer. Maybe it is because of the heavy rains. A possible mighty typhoon as well would get rid of the smog alright. The fact is I have not seen before such a nice blue colour in the south of Taiwan. Big white shapely clouds add that extra thing, which makes me feel delighted.

Only in May I had an opportunity to find a moment to take some quality photos with that extraordinary beautiful sky. It was on Sunday. I simply quickly grabbed my camera and rushed to the Lotus Pond. Without a doubt, that is my favourite place across the whole city.

I walked around it taking countless pictures. It was a wonderful time. Just later I found out that it caused me some heavy suntan. Being exposed to the baking tropical sun might be tricky. Sunscreen is truly recommended.

To change the subject I wanted to say it took me ten months in Kaohsiung to finally decide to visit the viewing deck of the tallest building in the city. So-called 85-tower offers a splendid panorama from 300 meters above the ground. Believe me it is impressive. Especially because there is not much competition in height around the whole area. Even the skyscraper at the intersection of Shyhcyuan and Minzu looks small, though once it was the top structure throughout the whole island.

The view of the harbour is amazing. I have just realized how big it is. Another thing that struck me was the size of Chaishan (Monkey Mountain) and its dominating proud green mass. It has got an unquestionable role in the landscape of the city. It is actually hard to believe before taking a look from a different perspective. Give it a try. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee.

If you are looking for something as exciting but social I honestly suggest paying a visit to a live baseball game. Stadium located at the Cheng-Ching Lake area is one of the biggest grounds in the country. It can host 25 thousand people. The residing team you will see there is Kaohsiung Bears. Taiwan champions of 2006 season.

You say you do not fancy baseball? Friend of mine was saying the same. After the game he was genuinely happy and glad that I persuaded him to accompany me. Baseball in Taiwan is about much more than simply the sport. Each team has got an orchestra, flagmen and a fairly big bunch of determined supporters.

Game is loud. Drums and trumpets do not stop playing. Speakers are tireless and loaded with energy. An atmosphere is intense and overwhelming. A phenomenon itself. It is worth of witnessing as part of the cultural studies.

In Kaohsiung I feel like home. I am happy to be here. I am happy with what I have seen and experienced. My attitude is to enjoy a very single day. It pays off.

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